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About Stephen H. Watkins

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Mr. Watkins is an experienced entrepreneur founding and growing a series of successful information and business services companies. His efforts raising capital and exiting from these companies repeatedly demonstrated the inefficient and unstructured path that entrepreneurial companies experience when trying to access the capital markets. These experiences inspired Mr. Watkins to conceive a capital market for entrepreneurial companies: Entrex. To create public awareness of the entrepreneurial sector Mr. Watkins wrote a nationally syndicated financial column which had readership of over 8,000,000.  He also founded, working together with the Dow Index Team, the Private Company Index ( which helped to establish the vibrancy of the "top-line" of the entrepreneurial sector.  In 2006 Mr. Watkins authored the book: "Capital Can't Fund What it Can't Find", which focused on capital markets, capital formation and capital access for entrepreneurial companies. Mr. Watkins is active in the US Chamber of Commerce, Fortune Small Business, and other global business forums which provide him regular opportunities to speak to entrepreneurial company CEO's about Growth, Financing and Capital formation.



Stephen H. Watkins has pioneered entrepreneurial capital markets thought and design. Watkins believes a flourishing entrepreneurial sector is the foundation of employment and economic growth of any nation.

Today Watkins, and entities in which he is involved, align Financial Professionals, Companies and Investors into a Capital Market System proven to help solve the entrepreneurial capital void: companies with capital needs above the capability of friends and family but below the interests of Wall Street.

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His Mission

  • Stephen H. Watkins and the entities in which he is involved have helped align intermediaries, investors and issuers of Entrepreneurial Companies.

  • The collective mission is to create a global capital solution serving $5-250 million annual revenue companies which typically have capital needs above the capabilities of friends and family, but below that of traditional public capital markets.

  • He has written a book "Capital Can't Fund What Capital Can't Find" which is a summation of his nationally syndicated financial column which had bi-monthly readership of over 8,000,000 which speaks to the plight of Company's lack of access to Capital. And the contradictory fact that capital struggles to access companies..

  • His new book, in process of being written is titled  "Romancing Capital".  It compares interpersonal relationships to a company's capital raising process.   It is expected to be published in 2015. 

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